Why backup is important

Securing ICT networks and data is essential. Regular backups are the most critical step to take to prevent a network disaster.

All businesses need backups

Regardless of how big a business or organisation is or what it does, regular backups of critical data and information are essential. Backups help businesses ensure that they have access to clean, secure data to maintain business as usual in the event of a security breach, a cyberattack or any other critical event that disrupts their operations.

The importance of regular backups

A security breach or loss of network data can have a crippling effect on any business or organisation. It can impact in many ways, from lost income and productivity from system downtime or the financial cost of putting things right, to the reputational damage a data loss can cause. With ICT at the core of many businesses, regular backups are an essential insurance policy that provides additional peace of mind.

Why do I need backups?

Regular backups will help you quickly rebuild your network following a security breach or other critical event. They allow you to secure important data like customer records, product information, payroll data, mailing lists and business-critical documents, so they can be restored in an emergency. Without a clean backup, it’s almost impossible to get up and running quickly, with the resulting network downtime impacting operations, productivity and customer service. With backups, you can quickly restore a network and get back to business as usual.

How BCDR can help

Protect and secure

More than 50% of UK businesses are at risk because of unsecured data, so reliable backup and recovery are essential.


Our solutions are optimised to your clients’ needs or your business requirements, so you can recover your data with confidence.

Outstanding service

With a primary focus on ensuring business continuity, our expert team will support you at every stage of the process.


We work with a wide range of MSPs and SMEs and can tailor our solutions to your clients’ needs or your business objectives.


We work closely with MSPs and their clients, and SME customers, to ensure our solutions are the right ones for their business.


We keep a close eye on the latest trends and technologies, to keep your clients and your business ahead of the competition.

We’ve got your back

BCDR provides industry-leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to help organisations get back up and running quickly in the event of a critical data loss.
We help MSPs deliver additional value and peace of mind to their clients, and help SMEs secure their networks and data.

Unlike other providers, our service is primarily built around ensuring business continuity, to keep downtime to a minimum so businesses can continue to provide an exceptional service to their own customers. If you’re looking for a new approach to business continuity and disaster recovery, we’ve got your back.