Backup and offsite DR

Our offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions help ensure business continuity during critical onsite events, to get normal operations back up and running quickly.

Advanced backup and offsite DR solutions for peace of mind

When it comes to disaster recovery, it’s essential to have more than one backup data source. In fact, best practice dictates that businesses should ideally keep three copies of their data, using at least two different mediums, with at least one offsite copy. Our managed offsite backup and DR solution solves this problem for you. It combines several elements to capture both local and offsite imaging of your server, which can be restored quickly following a business-critical event, to minimise downtime and disruption.

Why offsite backup is important

Most modern businesses rely on technology to do business, which places ICT at the heart of their operations. Losing access to critical systems can result in lost productivity, revenue, customers and reputation, making offsite backup and disaster recovery am absolute necessity. Regular offsite backups, as well as the right processes for recovering vital information and systems quickly to a new location in the event of a disaster, are vital.
We deliver offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions that are reliable, available, scalable and secure.

Backup and offsite DR from BCDR

Our offsite backup and recovery solutions are reliable and ready to be used whenever you need the data to be restored to ensure business continuity and minimise data loss. Your backups are stored on low-cost object storage, and you pay only for what you use. This enables you to quickly recover data volumes from specific time points to either the source system or a backup system. Your backups are created incrementally and can be scaled as needed, to optimise your data and storge footprint keep control of your costs.

Backup and offsite DR features


Capture everything – systems, applications, configuration settings, services and data – so you don’t risk losing irreplaceable data, custom applications, or your operating system.


Run backups every 15 minutes for total protection, even while people work (they won’t even notice) and you’ll never risk losing more than a few minutes of data.

Remote monitoring and management

Fully monitor and manage of all your protected systems. Alerts are immediately shown for missed backups or when systems are offline.

Testing and verification

Every backup image is automatically verified to guarantee it is 100% recoverable. We thoroughly test every backup image to ensure they are fully bootable for fast, efficient recoveries.


Recover a file or a folder or restore a whole system fast, to the same or different hardware, and avoid downtime and related costs.


Move a system to a new machine without losing uptime and do so regardless of your hardware choice.

Why choose BCDR?

BCDR provides industry-leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to help businesses get back up and running quickly in the event of a critical data loss.
Unlike other providers, our service is primarily built around ensuring business continuity, to keep downtime to a minimum, so you can continue to provide an exceptional service to your customers. If you’re looking for a new approach to business continuity and disaster recovery, we’ve got your back.