Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Reduce risk and keep operations up and running with our bespoke business continuity, backup & disaster recovery solutions for Managed Service Providers and SMEs.

BCDR solutions for MSPs

Protect your clients’ businesses, data and reputations with industry-leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

BCDR solutions for SMEs

Protect your business and secure your critical data with bespoke business continuity, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Why Back-Up?

Data backup is an essential ICT element for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Ensuring critical data is safe, secure and can be recovered in an emergency is vital.
Viruses, cyberattacks, hardware failure and human error can all put systems and data at risk. With ICT infrastructure becoming increasingly integral to how many businesses operate, the risks associated with poor backup, disaster recovery and business continuity also increase.

Why MSPs and SMEs choose BCDR

We work with Managed Service Providers to complement the ICT support they provide to their clients. We provide industry-leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to help reduce risk, minimise downtime and provide peace of mind. We also provide tailored solutions directly to SMEs. We minimise the risks that data loss, security breaches and disaster scenarios pose to businesses, while meeting user demands for instant access to data, applications and hardware. Our innovative solutions, backed by outstanding customer service and support, mean we can get systems back up and running within minutes, not days, in the event of a disaster.

Cyber attacks, Ransomeware, and Data Corruption

Cyberattacks and viruses are constantly evolving, while flooding, fire or simple human error can pose considerable risks to businesses and their data. Our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions help minimise the impact of security breaches and critical events, ensuring access to essential data without crippling ICT systems.

See how our clients are benefitting from our solutions and services

“Business continuity and disaster recovery sits outside of the core areas of our business, so we don’t have the in-house expertise to deliver them ourselves. BCDR are experts in their field and supply these services to our clients on behalf of our brand. This enables us to provide additional value and peace of mind, while not having to worry about our clients’ systems going down in the event of a disaster.

“They monitor and manage all our clients’ ICT networks to ensure that all their critical data is regularly backed up, and can get them back up and running in minutes if their systems go down. It means we can focus on our own service delivery to clients, without having to worry about their data getting lost or corrupted.”