Software as a Service backup

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) backup solutions protect an array of commonly used office applications against data loss, to ensure your users always have access when they need it.

Advanced SaaS backup solutions for peace of mind

Many businesses are moving – or have moved – to cloud-based SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365, G Suite (Google Apps) and DropBox. While the benefits – increased flexibility, greater collaboration, improved productivity and enhanced efficiency – are clear, it is unwise to assume that your application data in the cloud is secure. We can help you understand the risks of data loss in the cloud and deliver SaaS backup solutions to protect it.

Why SaaS backup is important

While most SaaS platforms have robust in-built security, you can’t protect them from every single potential cause of data loss. Whatever platform you use, it is likely to be vulnerable to threats caused by human error, misconfiguration, malicious intent, syncing or updating problems and cyberattacks including hacking, malware, ransomware, crypto-mining and phishing. Providers of SaaS services recommend using third-party backup and recovery solutions for added peace of mind. SaaS protection harnesses the advantages of the cloud to provide reliable backup and quick recovery.

SaaS backup solutions from BCDR

Our fully managed SaaS backup service provides robust protection and quick recovery for a wide range of platforms, including Microsoft 365, Google’s G-Suite apps, SharePoint, OneDrive and Dropbox. We can ensure uptime and data and app availability with industry-leading SaaS backup solutions which can be tailored to your operations. Our service protects your SaaS data with in-flight and at-rest encryption, backed by 99.9% service uptime and secure global data centres. It is easy to set up and scale across your business, with no hardware to manage.

SaaS backup and application protection features

Wide range of platforms

Our SaaS backup covers a wide range of applications in Microsoft 365 and G-Suite environments, plus DropBox.


Regular automated backups are performed, leaving you safe in the knowledge your data is fully recoverable.

Cost savings

We keep your data for 365 days, so you can safely remove the unwanted licence and the associated cost if a user leaves.


You can restore everything from a single file to terabytes of data. An easy-to-use search feature enables you to find and restore your data in record time.

Security & availability

Rest assured that your backed-up data is safe and accessible 24/7, with all data transmitted and stored in an encrypted format.


Review automatic audit reports, so you know that backups are occurring as they should and protecting the data that’s critical to business continuity.

Why choose BCDR?

BCDR provides industry-leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to help businesses get back up and running quickly in the event of a critical data loss.
Unlike other providers, our service is primarily built around ensuring business continuity, to keep downtime to a minimum, so you can continue to provide an exceptional service to your customers. If you’re looking for a new approach to business continuity and disaster recovery, we’ve got your back.