Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an extremely effective innovation that enables MSPs to provide additional value to their clients.

It provides third-party hosting and replication of physical or virtual servers to enable failover in the event of a business-critical incident, such as fire or flood, a power outage, cyber-attack or other disruption.

If such an event occurs, the DRaaS provider is less likely than the MSP, or the client business itself, to suffer the direct and immediate impacts. They can implement the agreed disaster recovery plan to help get the affected business back up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

While larger businesses have the in-house resource to subscribe to – and manage – a DRaaS platform, smaller enterprises may look to their MSP to handle this element of their IT continuity.

If this is the case, you may be wondering how you can offer DRaaS to your clients to add value to the service offering you provide.

What is DRaaS?

Just like software, platform and infrastructure vendors offer their solutions as a subscription service to businesses, firms can access disaster recovery services in the same way.

With a DRaaS offering, you can provide your clients with an off-site DR capability that lets them avoid the cost of maintaining a secondary data centre.

This approach has levelled the playing field for smaller businesses by enabling them to access DR solutions that they traditionally wouldn’t have been able to afford.

If you run an MSP, working with a DR provider like BCDR Solutions means you can enhance your client proposition by offering DRaaS as an additional, value-add service.

Your own and your client’s requirements and expectations can be documented in an SLA, and your DRaaS partner will provide failover to a cloud environment on a contract or pay-per-use basis.

How does DRaaS work?

In a managed DRaaS arrangement, the provider will offer its infrastructure to host or replicate the client’s DR site in the event of a business-critical scenario like the ones we listed above.

When a ‘disaster’ is declared, either by the MSP or the business itself, the DRaaS provider will handle the replication of the client’s service to a private or public cloud platform so that they can operate as close to normal as possible.

The DRaaS provider will also be responsible for the failover process and for transitioning users from the affected environment to its hosted service while the incident, whatever it may be, is resolved.

Once normal operations have resumed at the primary business site, the DRaaS provider will transition users back to the primary servers and IT environment, so operations can continue as usual.

As an MSP, offering managed DRaaS to your clients can add considerable value to your own business and that of your customers.

For your clients, it means you can provide a reliable disaster recovery solution to firms which lack the in-house resource and expertise to develop and implement their own DR plan. Giving your clients the ability to outsource the infrastructure needed to run their own DR site at a fraction of the cost of investing in their own is also a significant plus point.

From an MSP perspective, it means you can round out your service offering by outsourcing a specialist area of IT to an expert provider.

It can also create a lucrative additional revenue stream for your business with minimal risk, as a trusted third-party vendor, like BCDR, will manage the DRaaS solution.

Some of the other benefits of offering managed DRaaS include:

  • Eliminating the need to establish and equip a secondary data centre for DR purposes
  • Removing the requirement for like-for-like duplication of storage hardware between the primary network and the DR site
  • Enabling you to provide DR capabilities to SMEs that lack the in-house expertise to create an effective DR plan
  • Freeing your own team up to focus on the core services your MSP is contracted to provide

DRaaS solutions from BCDR

BCDR provides industry-leading business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to help businesses get back up and running quickly in the event of a disaster or a critical data loss.

We work closely with several MSP partners to enable them to provide specialist managed DR solutions to their clients.

Unlike other providers, our service is primarily built around ensuring business continuity to keep downtime to a minimum, so you can continue to provide an exceptional service to your customers.

If you’re looking for a new approach to business continuity and disaster recovery, we’d love to hear from you.