As a Managed Service Provider, you will likely have come across StorageCraft, a software backup and security company. However, you might not be aware of the many benefits that come with using it.

With StorageCraft, there’s no need to worry about running it yourself in-house if you don’t have the necessary resources or specialist expertise. Rather, you could opt for a StorageCraft professional to run everything on your behalf, taking a good deal of the load off your shoulders.

Here at BCDR Solutions, we are qualified experts in just that.

This article will go through some of the main benefits of StorageCraft, why you should consider switching to it and how we at BCDR Solutions can help.

StorageCraft ShadowXafe

ShadowXafe, from StorageCraft, is a comprehensive backup system primarily focusing on virtualisation with VMware and Hyper-V integration.

For MSPs, it’s one of the most effective and efficient data protection solutions available. It uses both host-based and agent-based protection to maximise security and minimise recovery time.

The installation process is straightforward, with most people reporting little to no issues whatsoever. The program also easily scales to cover the whole business, no matter the size, which is ideal for both SMEs and large corporations.

With ShadowXafe, hybrid backup comes included, meaning your data is backed up to local devices of your choosing as well as the cloud. Supported destinations include SMB shares and iSCSI targets alongside StorageCraft’s cloud servers.

The OneSystem dashboard displays a summary of your system’s overall status. From here, you can also set your data protection policies, including the desired backup frequency and snapshot retention requirements.

You also use the dashboard to set backup destinations, both on- and off-site. When running a hybrid strategy, cloud backups are automatically replicated after you finish each local job.

StorageCraft ShadowXafe benefits

Recovery using ShadowXafe is dependable, reassured, flexible and instant.
Constant, automated re-verification of backup images means your data is constantly checked and re-checked, leading to a more complete backup compared to some competitors.

It takes just minutes to recover an entire system, and it’s possible to do so to dissimilar hardware, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

In the event of data loss, the recovery process is industry-leading – quick, efficient and easy to use. Thanks to StorageCraft’s VirtualBoot technology, you can boot backup images without needing a complete system restoration or conversion.

You’ll have constant and immediate access to a series of analytical reports so you can keep an eye on things at all times.

On top of all this, ShadowXafe has been optimised for ease of use. Everything is laid out accessibly, making it simple for you to view customers’ recovery points and protected systems as an MSP.

Benefits of Switching to BCDR

At BCDR, we are an accredited StorageCraft reseller. The accreditation process is in-depth and highly detailed, and only a few businesses across the UK – including BCDR – are recognised. This is where we stand out as one of the top companies for StorageCraft data protection.

Our expertise and experience in setting up and running StorageCraft products make us a top pick for your data protection needs.

If you’re an MSP, we design, deliver and monitor StorageCraft ShadowXafe on your behalf.

Switching from your existing data backup provider to BCDR involves several huge benefits.

We directly assist you, as an MSP, to deliver additional value to your clients. Working with StorageCraft ShadowXafe, we implement and monitor the software throughout the entire process, creating a hassle-free solution for you.

BCDR Solutions is focused on minimising downtime in the event of fires, floods, device failure, accidental deletion, security breaches or any other incident. We’ll work with you and your clients to get businesses back up and running in no time.

As an accredited partner with StorageCraft, we offer one of the UK’s leading data recovery solutions. StorageCraft is easy to use, adaptable and requires little-to-no maintenance on your end.

Feel free to get in touch with us using the contact links provided to discuss our StorageCraft solutions and how we can assist you with its implementation.